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On MLK Day

Today, we honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. He was a visionary man who eloquently gave voice to hopes and dreams common to Americans but often denied people because of race and/or economic status.  He pushed the system to acknowledge the ugly truth so often denied: that white folks – especially the wealthy and the middle class – enjoy privileges and rights denied to others because of color or earning power. He challenged us to work together to challenge systems that worked in the favor of some, but denied basic rights to others.

I sat in a pew in Ebenezer Baptist church several years ago reflecting on books I had been reading about Dr. King’s life, Brown vs. Board of Education, biographies on presidents and more. Anticipating my time there, I thought about Continue reading On MLK Day

New Life Is Coming…?

The pages of the calendar say it’s a new year. The old has passed away and the new has come.  The bearded and bent man has shuffled off the stage, replaced by the infant of expectation.  And what has come with this change?  What is different?

We’re still talking about violence in Syria, fear of ISIS, and outlandish statements made by politicians.  There are still hungry folks in the world. Trouble still stalks the night, claiming victims of the street, victims in their homes.  Emergencies still interrupt and we are often caught by surprise. Continue reading New Life Is Coming…?

5 Things I’m Learning in VBS

This week my congregation is deeply involved in Vacation Bible School.  We have ninety-one energized kids dancing, singing, playing, and teasing their way through the day. I’ve been leading the opening and closing, singing with the kids, dressing up in costume, and engaging them with large group games. I’m deeply blessed to have Continue reading 5 Things I’m Learning in VBS

Time for a Band

Worship is central to our community of faith. We gather as a community to be fed and challenged by the renewing presence of the Holy Spirit. The Spirit of God has been calling through the voices of many people within our church for the addition of a worship band to our community. As these voices have been calling, the Worship Committee has been Continue reading Time for a Band

Lent: A Time to Focus on Mission

God always calls the church to do God’s mission.  In the season of Lent, the first Sunday of which is March 1, we’ll focus on the basic building blocks of the mission given the church.  To do this mission, the Church must grow in its understanding of God’s mission in the World.  We must think more about Continue reading Lent: A Time to Focus on Mission