A Few Sermons

Welcome to a selection of sermons. Below you will find preaching samples. Scripture for each sermon is also included in the recording. My typical sermons are 13-15 minutes long.

Shaking Up the World – In the Name of Jesus

This sermon was delivered Sunday, July 15, 2018. It calls the congregation to consider how, like John, it can be a disruptive power that upsets corrupt leaders. Mark 6:14-29 is the gospel behind this sermon.

A Children’s Lesson: The 2nd Commandment

I love working with children. This summer, I decided to push myself to work with a puppet named Max during my children’s lesson series on the Ten Commandments. Max is my sassy sidekick. This Children’s lesson was delivered June 17, 2018. The theme of this lesson is mentioned in the sermon that follows, which was preached on the same day.

Choosing in a Distracting World

In a playful mood, I invited an assisting minister to help “keep me on track.” During a sermon about abiding in Jesus. The recording is rough – an open microphone captured a lot of extra noise. (Sorry, Listeners!) This sermon is from August 26 and is based on John 6:56-69.

Let’s Just Get Together: John 17:6-19

This Sermon was delivered, Mother’s Day, May 13, 2018. It picks up the theme of Jesus’ farewell discourse in John 17, which was the gospel reading for that day.

An Easter Sermon: Luke 24:1-12

This sermon was delivered in March 27, 2016. That week was a tumultuous week in which there had been a bombing in Brussels, Belgium. You’ll hear references in the sermon to that tragedy and other tumultuous events from the same time frame.

A Sermon in Easter: Acts 5:27-32

This sermon was delivered April 3, 2016, at a time when anti-Muslim rhetoric and action was rising. It challenges Christians to be faithful to God’s will when governing authorities challenge.

By Her Love: A Funeral Sermon for Lynnette’s Family

The following is an example of a short sermon preached at a funeral, July 6, 2018. It picks up on the themes of the song sung just prior to the Gospel: They Will Know We Are Christians By Our Love, which was sung at the Lynnette and Randy’s Wedding.


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