Time for a Band

Worship is central to our community of faith. We gather as a community to be fed and challenged by the renewing presence of the Holy Spirit. The Spirit of God has been calling through the voices of many people within our church for the addition of a worship band to our community. As these voices have been calling, the Worship Committee has been wrestling with how to renew a sense of energy and community within our second service.

We seek to be a discipling community for all ages. With this in mind, it makes sense to begin working toward the goal of featuring an alternative and less formal style of music and worship alongside our traditional liturgical worship service. While the traditional liturgy we do from week to week is inspiring and edifying to most of us present week after week, it does not move all people toward praise of our risen Lord, Jesus Christ. Creating a second style of worship will help us communicate the good news of God’s love for us through Jesus Christ for people who are not enthused by liturgy.We are beginning a process that will slowly move us toward the goal of offering two styles of worship every Sunday. Over time we hope to distinguish the first service as a traditional liturgical service, retaining the excellent liturgical practices of this community. In the months ahead, the second service will begin to shift toward a less formal service that involves additional styles of music that are more contemporary and global.

To begin this process, we’re looking for people who would be interested in being part of such a group. To make a go at this, we need musicians to play and to sing. A variety of musicians are needed. If you have skill as a singer or as an instrumentalist playing keyboard, guitar, percussion instruments, flute, violin, bass guitar, or other, you could be a valuable part of raising up an additional musical group within GSLC.

If you have gifts and passion to offer toward starting a new musical group within our congregation, and you are not already using your musical gifts in a fulfilling way, please consider becoming a part of this emerging ministry. To enter into it, talk with Pastor Jordan about your interest and then attend an “interest” meeting on Wednesday, May 20 at 7:00 p.m. in the chapel. Bring your instruments, and we’ll play together.

To be successful, we’ll need to have people cheering on this effort to try something new among us. This means that even if you can’t sing or play an instrument, your enthusiasm and other expressions of support can make a world of difference in such an endeavor. We need people to remember and to remind that growing congregations typically have at least two worship styles from which to choose each week.

Please note that this group is not to be considered, and should never be thought of as, a replacement for the choir. The choir has a long and strong history that we need to uphold and support. Their musical ministry is extremely valuable and we will continue to honor and cherish their beautiful music. It is my hope that the resulting new music group would not take anybody away from the choir, but stand with it as an additional way in which people can serve God through their musical gifts.

Please consider this invitation to serve by offering your musical gifts and/or supporting this attempt to reach out to people not already being fed by the liturgy.

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