The Letter I Wrote

Tomorrow, I will mail a Letter. News is already out. I am resigning my call to accept another across the state. I look at the page and see the contrast of ink on paper and know that nothing is nearly so black and white as a one-paged letter.

Missing from the printed page is the lengthy list of people important to me in the congregation. A brief synopsis of ministry highlights fills a sentence or two, as do words of gratitude. None of these sentences are enough to hold the fullness of that which I feel.

I shared the news at the leadership table tonight. Eyes looked on with intensity. I fought to hold myself together. It was a struggle to claim and hold the space I normally enter into so easily.

God’s call comes anew.  Now, if I can just trust it to sustain in the days ahead.

The above letter, “US Mail” is by Steve 2.0. It is used according to its creative commons (CC BY-SA 2.0) license. 

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