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I am a husband, a father, and a Lutheran (ELCA) pastor serving in Waukesha, Wi. I received a doctorate in congregational mission and leadership through Luther Seminary in St. Paul, MN, May 2014. I enjoy baseball, reading, music, and writing. I am confident that God has good things in store for the world and calls the church to be witnesses to God's intent, as described in scripture and discerned in the community of God's people.

Projection Software for Liturgical Worship?

I’ll admit it. I’m a techno-geek. Just ask my boys and they’ll confirm it. Right now I’m frequently found carrying two cell phones, a Nexus 7, and a computer. I’m always checking out what’s possible and thinking about how I might use various tools for ministry.

When it came time for us to review software for projection in worship, I considered Continue reading Projection Software for Liturgical Worship?

Finding Purpose when Floundering

It’s no secret that many churches are floundering. They are scrambling to keep up aging buildings, wringing hands over declining income, and sometimes showing concern about the decline of faith practices in their community.  The busy-ness of maintaining the church, anxiety over changes happening among them, concerns about the future easily distract leaders and Continue reading Finding Purpose when Floundering

Epiphany Reflections: Isaiah 60

Darkness still covers the earth.  Though the days are getting longer, the sun continues to set quite early. 4:37 pm, today, to be exact. It rose at 7:29 this morning, giving us nine hours and seven minutes and 57 seconds of sunlight… Darkness still covers the earth.

Just ask my mother-in-law. She’ll tell you that Continue reading Epiphany Reflections: Isaiah 60

Toward a New Church

Many hands have been wrung, brows furrowed, and laments raised over the church’s uncertain future. In some church such wrestling has been going on in earnest since the 1980s. Other congregations are just now starting to Continue reading Toward a New Church

The Shattering of Crystal

Mainline denominational churches have been experiencing shifts in membership and participation for thirty or more years. Attendance is down, congregations have become significantly older, and communities are struggling to figure out what’s going on. For a long time,
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